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THE MUSIC OF GOD #11 - Expulsion - Lucifer's Banishment

June 03, 2020 LaMar Boschman Season 1 Episode 11 Podcast - Music | Miracles | Mysteries
THE MUSIC OF GOD #11 - Expulsion - Lucifer's Banishment
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LaMar Boschman discusses with Batsirai Chada Lucifer's dismissal, demotion and expulsion for his prominent place in heaven. They discuss his possible transformation from a cherub to a dragon lizard and then to a snake continually made lower opposite his desire to ascend.

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  1. Lucifer is permanently dismissed from his prestigious and prominent place.
  2. He had the highest place and traded it away. Could it have saddened God to see His creation fail and expelled?
  3. Michael casts Lucifer as profane out of heaven and down to the earth.
  4. God hates pride and a haughty spirit but not His creation.
  5. Could it be God wanted to isolate this pride so it doesn't contaminate others?
  6. Lucifer took his musical instruments with him.
  7. Maggots and death worms are now in Lucifer's music.
  8. Could music be an expression of the heart that created it.
  9. All of us leaders could be tempted to be lifted up in our hearts to be like Lucifer.
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LaMar Boschman:

Welcome to the LaMar Boschman podcast. And this series is on the music of God and the music of the kingdom of heaven and music as is found in the Bible. In this session, we're going to discover the consequences of a musician who's filled with pride. This podcast is based on the music of God online course, available at www.lamarboschman .com . Now let's join the conversation. Hey everybody, this is LaMar Boschman and welcome to the podcast. The Music of God, we're exploring the music in heaven, the music angel that's there. And then we're going to continue talking about what music and God's kingdom is like. Now, whether you're Christian musician or not, does it matter whether you're a singer or not? Doesn't matter because all Christians need to understand the power of music making because it's connected very closely to God's throne, to his power, to his authority, to his atmosphere and signs and wonders and miracles. You're going to find that out very soon in this podcast and in the online course where this comes from called The Music of God at www.lamarboschman .com . So these are conversations we're having about this subject. That's in that online course, and we're going to continue talking today about that musician in heaven, that's full of pride and corrupted himself and corrupted some of the angels around him. And we're going to look at that and talk about his expulsion, his demotion, his banishment, and how severe that was. And our text is as Ezekiel 28:16. "Therefore God said, I cast you as a profane thing out of the mountain of God. I destroyed you O covering cherub." Wow, God's good . Getting serious here. This is serious business and you can, census is wrath. You can sense His pointedness. When He says I'll cast you. That's a profound thing. And it has the idea of like grabbing a snake and just getting rid of it. You don't care where it lands. It's just got to get it out of here. And that's what God's saying of Lucifer. Well, Batsirai welcome from Oshawa, Ontario, Canada. Thank you, m an. Good to see a friend. We're g oing t o continue our conversations. Are you enjoying this?

Batsirai Chada :

Oh man. It's good to set our minds on these things and you know, things that we don't necessarily think about day to day, that has such an impact on our day to day.

LaMar Boschman:

Yes. And the principles we learn from here are profound because they happen in God's economy before the earth and humans ever existed. And there's lessons to learn here. What do you think of this , uh , aspect that Lucifer is notified of as permanent dismissal from prestigious

Speaker 3:

place above the throne of God. And he's quickly thrown out as a blasphemous, irreverent beast, this glorious creature with music and beauty and pomp and circumstance starts to have that corruption we talked about. And then God says I had enough you're outta here. I wish they would stream that a Netflix man. I checked that out, what that looked like, but we're trying to imagine what that's like right here right now. I remember as I was , I forget the book , um, there's somebody who wrote a novel about this based on this section of scripture. And it was really, it was really impacting. I think that says a lot more about God than perhaps even Satan or Lucifer. Well , couldn't God have just destroyed him, killed him, stuffed them out , eat up with worms or something, you know? Exactly. Can God see all of eternity spanning out ahead and going. This is going to cause so much trouble. Like, it's just, it's amazing. Like, you know, Christ being crucified before the foundations of the world. So to say, you know, I can see the, where this is going. This isn't like two equal people like Lucifer and Jesus having a little boxing match or whatever. This is a fruit fly and like a giant as the giant sweep , some out of heaven, you see Jesus is bringing a sword and the son sort of cast a sword and basically banishes Lucifer and a third of the angels out of it. I remember one of the most, the thing I remember from that is as they fell over the edge of heaven and tumbled into the father, walked up to next to the son and both of them had tears in their eyes. And it's this picture, not of angry. How dare you, Lucifer. I was so angry with you. It's a, I'm angry that this has happened and that you let it get this far and et cetera, et cetera. But I'm also deeply sad. And then I'm D I am a father. I created you. I created you for so much more looser for you had the highest place and you traded it away and you gave it away. And there's a deep sadness in the heart of the father and the son and Holy spirit, both for what has happened to a third of their creative creative order at that time. And also for the implications on the rest of eternity and they know mankind, the earth that they'll create, et cetera, et cetera. And I'd like what revelation says. I think it's revelation 12 that Michael fought with Lucifer and his angels. And he captured them and cast them out. I'm writing a book too on this subject of the music of the gods. It's a whole nother spiritual fantasy, but I tried to paint this and describe what happened here. And Michael,

Speaker 2:

the warrior, the Archangel takes this music master and his followers and they cast them out and they fall to the ground. The Bible says, they're cast down to the earth. Yeah. So now Lucifer rules over the he's the Prince power over the globe and the atmosphere over the earth. And then he shows up in the garden of Eden, cause it says in his eco , you were in the garden of Eden. So my theory is that as he fell, he morphed into a dragon. Cause now we manifest in the earth as a, a dragon lizard. You know, he has his feet, he's wobbling big old thing, or at least he puts us forward . He puts into that form and then he goes and sees this, this prestigious little man musician that God created another darling to make music. And he sees him and God communing. And there's this jealousy aspect that we found out in the last session, we were talking about how he also wants to influence worshipers and receive worship. And so he goes in there, he tries to mess with that scene. And you know how it all turns out the whole aspect of God, casting him as profane out of heaven with one third of the angels. And it's , so God loves him. God cares about him. He's a created thing. But the corruption, God will not allow. Yeah. The pride, the arrogance, he will got hates it. There's these there's these seven things the Lord hates. And one of those is pride and arrogance, a Hottie spirit. I'm terribly convicted about this.

Speaker 3:

Yeah. And he hates it. Not in a therefore I hate you. He hates it because of what it does to the one that he loves. Right? So if I see the spirit of it, not the person, exactly. Like if , you know, if you imagine you're a King and your son, the Prince, all of a sudden gets a sort of a big head and starts at walking around the castle, like with pride, et cetera, you had such hopes for, you know, say , Hey, this is who , this is not who you are. This is not who I want you to be. There's a better version of you. Why are you acting like this? So I hate this pride in you. I hate this. Self-righteousness in you. There is a better version of you. And so it's a jealousy for what could be, what should be , um , as opposed to a, Oh, you made a mistake. I hate you get outta here. I wonder if there's something even redemptive or preventative. Um , almost like the self isolation. I need to isolate this away because there's still two thirds of the angels that are still here and are still safe and still know exactly who they are. And , and I don't need this virus, this cancer spreading, not because I'm threatened because I don't want to see these people fall them . They're wrong. I don't want to see the rest of these angels fall below what they should be and also have the same fate as the first third.

Speaker 2:

That's very interesting. That's very good. This whole aspect of Lucifer being demoted also brings a question. His music went with him that doesn't say anywhere in the Bible that his instruments were taken away. Leave those guitars here, please. Yep . Yep . Drop them on the floor. You're off the platform, buddy. You gotta get outta here. Leave your keyboard, your pipe organ and go. He doesn't . It says, in fact, your pomp is brought down to hell, along with the music or, or to show the place of the dead. Along with the music of your heart . That's an Isaiah and maggots are your bed and worms, your blanket. And this is a metaphor for the death. That's in Lucifer's music making now that's total corruption. I mean the spotless, beautiful canopy, celestial who wants covered with me with music. God says you are now a canopy for maggots. Your music is full of death. Worms, death worms are your blanket. And maggots are your mattress. Death worms are like rapidly breeding. It's contagious. And then the maggot course prays on the dead things and they manifested death . And so we see a corruption. This is the first time music goes secular. There's a source of music outside of God.

Speaker 3:

Yeah. Or like you said, at the beginning, like music was part of the person. It was came out of who they were as opposed to being a separate thing. And so all of his instruments, and that was just really part of who Lucifer was. So if he falls and, and his heart is consumed with all these corrupt prideful thoughts, then the music that comes from that heart from that mind from that being is going to then have that same corruption. And that cause it's an extreme , that music is an expression of who he is. The music is the tool. It's the thing that expresses what's in the heart. It's like a syringe can be used to give life savings sort of medical solution or that same syringe can be used to inject poison. And I really believe now as music Christian or non-Christian, it's more of what's the source, what's the , what's the spirit behind it. Cause there could even be Christian songs that have songs with Christian lyrics or whatever that still come from a dark place because of where the heart that burst it and music coming out of a thing. And that can also be songs that aren't necessarily quote unquote Christian or in Lyrica , whatever, but come from a , um, a beautiful place. You see this a lot in instrumental classical music,

Speaker 2:

you know, Handel's Messiah or, or, but a lot of box , there's no words or anything like that, but there's something about birth . And then you can hear other bits of music that seemed that they just really a different kind of spirits of the room, dark and depressing, but there's no lyrics. So yeah , I really feel about music being an expression of the heart that created it. And that's really interesting. We'll talk more about that in our future sessions, but instead of being upgraded, Lucifer's downgraded, he's disavowed and devalued and don't, you know, that rubs him. Don't, you know, that bothers him. What musician who plays a Carnegie hall is a hero to so many fans and a suddenly demoted downgraded, devalued. What does that do to a person? So this is the dynamic that's happening to this music angel. So all of a sudden his schemes, his motivations, his agendas start to morph and go even darker and more violent. That whole aspect of sanctuaries has the idea of their sacred places of worship to God. And he violated his own sanctuaries, the sacred places where he was to give adoration, like you said, out of his spirit, he violated that. And that shows us how, how God thinks and how corrupt pride, arrogance, Hottie spirit, and in the kingdom, God loves a broken spirit, a contrite heart. And that's why he, you know, the Saul David dynamic comes into play here. And so we see that clearly elusive for, and God's thoughts about this whole aspect of pride and arrogance. And we have to get that out of our hearts as musicians, as pastors, you know, I'll just throw something out here. Think about who, what rockstar , the have fans that they meet with every week. And they stand in front of them and they perform and the fans think they hung the moon and you see how a pastor, it could be lifted up in his heart. I mean, not musicians. We, we know that's true because of the art of music. And we sit on the throne of our piano benches, and we think we're all that and who could play like me and, and we've lobbied for position like Lucifer did lobbying. I'm not saying all of us do, but this potential is there. As you know, but when you think of beat being a pastor or you being a leader, this is something that's challenging for us as leaders who stand in front of people as Christians, we're supposed to be more like Jesus than Lucifer. How do you walk through this? And in a performance based worship culture that we have now in the local church, this creeps in and is right below the surface and these immature worship leaders that don't recognize it. And that's why we're talking about this. It could defile themselves and their team. This is serious. It's serious with God. And , and we tolerate it because of our idols in our culture, sports, celebrity musicians, it goes on and on and on. So this is good conversation. This is important to talk about these principles because we have to die to this in our heart. Exactly. And it's the very thing that we're clamoring for that's even Lucifer was clamoring for adoration by the angels adoration, just being viewed as high and lifted up , um , is a very thing he lost. Right? And so he doesn't get demoted. He doesn't get fired in secret. He doesn't get sort of employment or assigned to another similar kind of it wasn't a lateral move here. He was like you said, demoted, and there's no sweeping it under the rug, exact God didn't say, okay, don't let it get to the press. Just go out the back door. We'll get somebody else in here real quick. And that's what politicians do. That's what pastors do. And I don't get exactly. And that shows God's security and his own being like, he's like, this is the truth. This is what happened. And I've dealt with it. But yeah, for Lucifer, who was so sewing those trading in those secrets and sewing that sense and wanting that, wanting to gather a quorum or a lobbying for position, all of a sudden to lose it in front of all of those people he was lobbying for in front of you , man. You know, when someone's , uh , habitually sinning in the local church, Paul says, call them out two or three witnesses, deal with the privately. But if they won't repent, bring it before the church and make a public, that's kind of what God dibble , Lucifer. He, it was public. And that's a really interesting point. You're making about this because a grease my heart and my travels throughout Canada and the United States and around the world, I've heard so many stories, but I've heard enough stories to bother me that musicians and worship teams lobbied. And so discord against the pastor among the church. And they got up as a worship team and they left the church and the pastor said, how can this happen? You know, how do I deal with this? How come I didn't see it earlier? Well, these are the things we're talking about here that lie below the surface and all of our hearts, because we're under the curse, the Prince power of the air, that musician Lucifer rules of the earth. So he's going to manipulate and he doesn't have ultimate authority, but he's the Prince power of the air. So there's influence. And we're going to find out in our next session that he has schemes yes. Strategies to deceive and hurt us. And if he wants to be among the worshipers where God meets with his people, well , he's going to be in there. Some preacher says Lucifer's in the car . Well, we know what that means that spirit can get in on us as singers and, and artists, et cetera. Well, thank you for your input. That psoriasis has been very, not informal, but informative. It spurs all kinds of ideas and possibilities and reminds us of biblical principles. We need to bring home. So thank you my friend. And , uh , we'll look forward to our next session. We're going to talk about the strategies that Lucifer has now that he's morphed from a celestial perfect and beauty to this beastly dragon. We'll find out that he's gonna , he loses his legs and he starts to be a snake that old serpent. And so he's totally demoted. He goes down another notch and another notch and another notch in another notch because he is corrupt and pride brought it there. So watch out, well, this is Lamar Boshman and all this is based on the course or comes from the course, the music of God. You can find it . Lamar and follow us on YouTube subscribe. We've got all kinds of posts there of interesting podcasts and also things like other trues about music and God's kingdom.

Speaker 1:

We want to equip you. We want to help you be the best, a worshiper, the best musician, the best leader that you can be. So we'll see you in our next session.