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THE MUSIC OF GOD #9 - Position - Lucifer's Role in Heaven

May 20, 2020 LaMar Boschman Season 1 Episode 9 Podcast - Music | Miracles | Mysteries
THE MUSIC OF GOD #9 - Position - Lucifer's Role in Heaven
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LaMar Boschman discusses with Batsirai Chada the leadership role that Lucifer had in heaven. They look at the Lucifer's appointment to be a covering cherub over the throne of God. What role did Lucifer's music making have in the Kingdom of Heaven? Why was Lucifer called the anointed cherub? What does Lucifer's role say to to us today?

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  1. Lucifer covered the throne of God and was called the covering cherub.
  2. Cherubs are connected with God's manifest presence.
  3. Lucifer was called the anointed cherub and appointed to the ministry of worship.
  4. This anointed and covering cherub covered the throne with music
  5. Lucifer as a guardian cherub guarded the throne and the presence of God as a doorman.
  6. Lucifer was appointed to his position. God said I established you and appointed you.
  7. This master musician's position and placement challenges us to keep our heart's pure.
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- Welcome to this podcast, "The Music of God." I'm LaMar Boschman, and we're in an exploration of the music of heaven. In this session, we'll discuss Lucifer's position or placement, and what his leadership looked like. This topic is covered and more in-depth on an online course called, "The Music of God." So let's join the conversation. Well, welcome back to this podcast, "The Music of God." I'm LaMar Boschman. It's been my life study. I love this subject. God told me when I was in Dubai. I said what role do the end-time musicians have in the end of the earth? If signs and wonders happened when musicians played in the Bible and miracles, and whole armies were defeated? And He didn't really answer me clearly, but he said, I want you to mentor them. So here we are. I'm downloading whatever I know about music and God's kingdom so that you can be a power minister. Not just a Christian musician who performs. And that's okay. That has a place. But you wanna go to a higher level and be a supernatural music maker, and when you play, signs and wonders happen, and the place is rocked with the power and presence of God, well that's what this is all about, the music of God. So today we're gonna continue our discussion about the music angel. And we're gonna talk about his appointment, his leadership, what was it like, his placement and his position. But let's welcome Batsirai Chada from Oshawa, Ontario. Hey brother. 
- Hey everybody. How are you doing? 
- You're a musician, right? You like music. 
- [Batsirai] Yes, I am. 
- [LaMar] Very good. 
- Love music, I love music. 
- What do you play at your local church, what instrument? 
- At my local church on Sundays, I lead worship, and we have sort of a band so I sort of stand and sing. 
- [LaMar] Okay. 
- Sometimes for young adults or different concerts or different things, I also love singer-songwriter type stuff, so I'll play it from a piano. 
- Good, so you're multi-talented. 
- Well, thank you. Thank you. 
- Yeah well, I'm just putting it out there. Well, so was this music angel, far above our skill level, I'll tell ya. 
- Great comparison, yeah . 
- Sorry about that. 
- But he was flawless in his music making, immaculate in what he could do, not only in his appearance but his music making, and he was very likely a cherub because, remember we said, in Ezekiel 28, I think it's verse 14, and this is the NAS. You were the anointed cherub who covers, that's very important, and I placed you there, says the Lord, and you were on the holy mountain of God and you walked amidst the stones of fire. Now we know those are angels. Okay, the scholars agree on that. And Lucifer moved among the angels. So he had a leadership role, but interestingly, he was called the anointed cherub, the only cherub, only angel in the bible that's considered anointed. And that word means, consecrated, like you rub oil on something to set someone apart. It also talks, has the idea of expansion. 
- [Batsirai] Ooh. 
- Expansion, and when I depicted the music angel in my spiritual fantasy called, well I called him Star cause he wanted to be. When he gets close to the throne and takes his place as a covering cherub, he unfolds all these massive wings, cause he's a cherub and he has multi-wings. And he had such a canopy, it covers the throne of God. It's a huge canopy. So that's my imaginary creative ability to depict, but who knows what it was actually like. But he was also called the covering cherub, the cherub that covered. So, three things I note here. First, Lucifer's a cherub, a powerful, strong, angelic creature. And cherubs are connected with God's presence. So that's something important to understand. God put a music angel in charge and closest to his manifest presence. If there's such degrees like that in heaven. Cherubs are connected with God presence. There was cherubs guarding the garden of Eden to keeping man out of God's manifest presence, cherubs over the throne of God. There's two cherubs on the Ark of the Covenant between which God dwelt in the Shekinah, between the cherubim. There's cherubs on the veil in the Holy of Holies. And then Lucifer is portrayed as a cherub. So you see this connection with cherubs and God's manifest presence. Secondly, I see that Lucifer was called anointed, and he was there with a ministry to serve the king of heaven in music ability. So, what does this tell us, Batsirai? What things should we learn from this musical entity that was given this high place of privilege? 
- That it is a high place of privilege. There's a proximity to the throne room. I'm just imagining like if your wings and stature sort of can cover the throne, and God is seated on that throne, then this is something, in terms of scale or size, again just imagination here, that is bigger than God. 
- Or it could just be a little hat covering. I don't know cause how could he be that big, you know? 
- You know if God even saying, well I am the biggest thing in the universe. It's like no. I have made things that are bigger than me, bigger in stature, but not bigger in terms of gravity or importance or magnificence or worth. God's self-assuredness of knowing who he is, that he can create something that has got such magnificence and scale that it can sort of cover his throne room, and still not be intimidated or in any way, shape or form, threatened by that. 
- [LaMar] Yeah. 
- If anything, the danger is with that being, that it would now be, gets confused it's position and scale and beauty and perfection, and not remember where the power and where the true object of worship is. 
- The idea of him covering has the concept of protecting or fencing in. So like you said, you imagined it to be bigger in some sense, than the headship of God or whatever his entity is. We cannot define it. But, so there's this aspect of fencing in so it has the aspect of, and also he's called a guardian, fencing in, guarding, that's the whole aspect of cherubs. They're stewards of the manifest presence of God. God dwelt between the cherubim. They fenced in that Shekinah amber oval cloud that was about three feet long. The cherubs fenced it in with their wings. You've seen pictures of the ark. 
- Yeah, the ark, yeah. 
- And that's Lucifer's role, as a music minister fencing in, responsible, stewarding the manifest presence of God, whew. There's a lot right there of revelation of how the presence of God's connected with music and connected with cherubs and how it's important to him. It's a priority to him. It's up and above anything else. You know, instead of putting ear pods in, earbuds, he puts in Lucifer. Come on man, come on, get up in here. Get up in here. Cover me with music. 
- Yeah. 
- I mean, imagine what this speaks to us, volumes. 
- Yeah, and I know like you know I'm really one for the fatherhood of God, our unity in Christ and all this stuff where God is really close and intimate. He's, you know, come and sit on my lap. You know, listen to my heart beat kind of God. But we don't wanna be so that way, one-sided, that we forget that he's also separate and holy. And he is distinct and high and lifted up. Even angels, they don't casually walk into the throne room and go, hey, what's happening today, Dad? You know, there's nothing like that. 
- Yeah, right, right. 
- There's a reverence. I think of kings and royalty here on earth. I'm sure Prince William walking into his grandmother's throne room, like when she's in state and she's sitting on her throne. Even though he has a family connection and even though he's sat on her lap many times growing up, there's still a reverence that's given... 
- To the crown, to the authority. 
- To the crown, yeah. And the beauty is that we are kings and queens. We are princes and princesses of this king, where we have the access by the blood of the lamb, by the blood of Jesus, we can go in boldly where angels fear to tread. We can boldly come before the throne. 
- [Lamar] Right. 
- And at a same time, be welcomed as sons and daughters. I don't know what that mixture is but there's a beauty there. Lucifer, is sort of doing that a little bit. The separation of just like I am covering and I am protecting this glory. 
- Oh. 
- It's because there's something holy and separate, even though God loves his creation, loves all these angels, and they wanted to have access, there is something distinct and holy about it. 
- Yeah and what you're talking about there, is the object and the subjective parts of God in our relationship with him. There's the touchy feely part like you talked about, but there's also the transcendent, the kingdom, the holiness, all together otherness of God. 
- Yes. 
- And we need that tension in our worship and we need that tension in our music. But you ever notice the songs that really resonate with the body of Christ is usually those transcendent, objective songs, worthy is the lamb that was slain and holy, holy and... 
- [Batsirai] Exactly. how great is our God? You know all these transcend, oh Lord my God, when I in awesome. But the touchy feely songs whether for a season, they're a prayer song, they're nice, we need both in the economy and the music making of God. And that's a good point you pointed out that Lucifer probably guarded that transcendent aspect. 
- And it's not even guarding like there's something threatening it. 
- Right, right. 
- I think of like a door keeper in front of the throne room, let's say of the queen of England. There's people guarding the door, just positioning two guys there in red coats or whatever, standing at the door. And they open it to let you in and they close it when you leave. That signifies that there is a separation of the inner throne room and the outward. It's a way of giving worth to him who sits on the throne. 
- And speaks of protocol and... 
- [Batsirai] Speaks of protocol, yeah. 
- And privilege and processes. In this course, we're gonna get into how we have access to that presence. See there's a reason why he's the guardian cherub. There's a reason why he's a doorman or there's a reason why the worship leader gets up and opens the door using music for entrance. Cause the bible says, enter into my presence with singing. See the principle? See the power? See the connection? So that's really good. Batsirai, also the bible talks about him being appointed, which indicates a high office that Lucifer had and an authority and a responsibility to protect the mountain of God, and he was elevated as this covering cherub, perfect in the music of God. And the bible says, I God, established you. In other words, he was divinely appointed and divinely placed in that position. So, I think it's important that when we think about kingdom musicians, that we just can't do it any old way or get there by our work and we worm or work our way into a place of prominence. Oh, I got connections. You know I'm only two removed from so and so and I can get in there, and I could do that, that and that. 
- [Batsirai] Yeah. 
- But he was appointed. So that's the difference between kingdom musicians and Christian musicians who are ambitious. Cause kingdom musicians are under the authority of the king and they play what he wants at his discretion, when he wants and when he asks them to come in, they come in and say, yes sir, how can I please you today? Isn't that an interesting concept? He was established and... 
- Yeah. 
- Appointed in that place of privilege and responsibility. 
- Yeah, it's distinct against being the other angels that were around at the time, right? Like hey, I'm setting you apart to do this particular job, this particular role. Every angel worships. Every angel sang songs to the Lord, but one was actually set aside for a particular role to both maybe lead that, to cover it, to, you know, all the things we just described. There's a lot of people who sing. The whole church sings. I mean we're a mirror of those things. The whole church sings. 
- [LaMar] Right. 
- You can sing like every angel sings and worships, but there are those who have been called and set apart. I don't wanna say protect the presence of the Lord kind of thing. There is, in the new covenant, we are actually in Christ seated in heavenly places. 
- [LaMar] Yep. 
- So our first perspective isn't like, angels were on the outside. We're not trying to enter the presence, we are living within, we are within and become more aware of his presence. He was set apart and there was a set apartness that comes because there's a function to be done. There's a protocol to be enacted. 
- Right and we as leaders are set apart. We're appointed and anointed. 
- [Batsirai] Yeah. 
- Particularly musicians for a very special purpose. And that's to be stewards of God's presence. I love your analogy of making entrance. We're doorways. We're to open the portal with singing and music so people can come into his presence but we're not to stand in front of them and say, hey watch me. It's all about me. I'm just too good to be true. 
- I love the, we are the bride and Jesus is the bridegroom. 
- Right. 
- And what we don't want to do as worship leaders or pastors or leaders in any kind of realm, in those roles, we are like the friend of the bridegroom. 
- [LaMar] Right. 
- Kind of like John the Baptist. We're the friend of the bridegroom. The friend of the bridegroom goes to the bride's house, picks her up for the wedding and is gonna drive her to the wedding. 
- [LaMar] Right. 
- And on the way there, because of how beautifully we sing, she falls in love with us. 
- Yeah, we flirt with her. 
- [Batsirai] And we flirt with her. 
- Watch out Jesus says, this is not business, this is personal, right? 
- This is personal, that's what it's from. Yeah, that's what I'm saying, right? 
- Yeah, Bob Sorge said that, that was so good. 
- Bob Sorge, yeah, exactly. Yeah, that's what it's from. We want to be friends of the bridegroom as in the same way that Lucifer was meant to be a friend of the throne, and he took it unto himself. And we don't wanna do that, especially when God puts us in prominent places, on big stages, in front of massive gatherings, puts us before the leaders and kings of men, that we'd always remember who we are, whose we are. And if there's beautiful things, if we have a great voice, great creative abilities, musical abilities, that we would always remember who it's for and where we got it. 
- And so that gives us pause. It gives me pause anyway, not to ever try to create my own following from God's bride and bring attention to myself. We must bring attention to him. We're here to serve him, minister to him cause that is Luciferian and we're gonna see how darkness lurks in the heart of this master musician because he wants to bring attention to himself. He was appointed as a conspicuous leader in a conspicuous place, in the high with God on the holy mountain of God. And mountains in the bible are symbols of kingdoms, and he said he went among the angels and moved among them. And we're gonna see in our next episode how he plotted and ployed to cause a revolt in heaven. So stay tuned for the next episode as we look at this music angel and his demise that comes up. Well thank you, Batsirai. We appreciate you and your thoughts. 
- Thank you. Thank you very much. Looking forward to the next one. 
- Yes, it's gonna be a tear-jerker. It's gonna be a horror movie, I'll tell you right there. And so God help us. But hey, tell your friends, tell your team, spread the word about "The Music of God", not only podcast, but check out the online course at and go deep in this study. We're just glossing over and having conversation. But when you actually get into it and the Holy Spirit starts speaking to you and you see all those scriptures, revelation's gonna come to your mind and spirit. You're gonna say, oh God! I wanna be that kind of musician and I do not wanna be that kind of musician. So I'm LaMar Boschman and we look forward to seeing you on the next session of this podcast, "The Music of God".