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THE MUSIC OF GOD #7 - The Music Angel

May 04, 2020 LaMar Boschman Season 1 Episode 7 Podcast - Music | Miracles | Mysteries
THE MUSIC OF GOD #7 - The Music Angel
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Author and worship pioneer, LaMar Boschman discusses what the archangel Lucifer might have been like and what it means that he was the trophy of perfection. With the Bible as the reference source, LaMar and Batsirai Chada talk about the unique qualities of this special angel God created to make music.

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  1. There is controversy as to whether or not the prophesy to the King of Tyre in Ezekiel 28 was for Lucifer as well.
  2. There are dual prophecies in Ezekiel 28. One for the King of Tyre and one for Lucifer the spirit behind the king.
  3. Are pop stars and rock stars, like Lucifer, worship leaders pointing people in a certain direction and leading them to where they want to take them?
  4. Lucifer was flawlessly beautiful and perfect in wisdom.
  5. Lucifer had a priestly role and was covered with nine of the twelves stones of the high priest who went into the presence of God.
  6. Lucifer was one of three possible archangels along with Gabriel and Micheal.
  7. While Micheal and Gabriel were busy doing things for God, Lucifer was to keep his face toward the throne in stewarding the worship of heaven, creating the atmosphere God preferred.
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LaMar Boschman:   0:00
I am LaMar Boschman. Welcome to this podcast episode. We're exploring the music of God's Kingdom. What's it like? And in this particular episode, we're going to uncover the mysteries of a very special angel of God He created to make music whom I call the Music Angel. This podcast is from an online course that could transform you into a kingdom musician is called the Music of God, available at LaMar Boschman. com.  

LaMar Boschman:   0:34
Well, welcome to this podcast we're looking at and exploring the mysteries of the music of God. And we looked at music in heaven, music with the Godhead, music with all the music makers, the instruments, and the singers in heaven. Now we're gonna look at something very interesting and it's what I call the music Angel. God did something very special in a certain angel. And we're gonna look at that today and ask ourself why and what does that mean to us? But first, let's welcome Batsirai Chadah from Oshawa, Ontario, the near Toronto Hey, welcome, friend.

Batsirai Chada:   1:14
How you doing?

LaMar Boschman:   1:15
Good, good. Well hey, are you ready to talk about this? Ah, music angel in heaven.

Batsirai Chada:   1:22
I am ready to learn.

LaMar Boschman:   1:24
Well, you reflect back any inspirations you get. OK, let me set this up. God took a lot of care and a lot of attention to create an entity, a very special angel to make music. His music making blessed the King, made Him happy and God elevated him to a place of prominence and preeminence. But darkness lurked. I have to create my own background music here.  But darkness lurked in this handsome, multi-talented cherub which eventually brought the celestial musician's demise and the corruption of the entire human race. That's the storyline. That's the drama. That's the tension. That's the plot. We find this in Ezekiel 28. It's an important study about this music angel, because God went to great lengths to create him. So it must tell us something about his value, his purpose, his intention, God's that is, concerning music. And so we find it here in Ezekiel 28 verse 11. And I'll just read a portion of this because it's a part of our context for discussion. "The word of the Lord came to Ezekiel and he said, Son, a man take up a song, a lamentation of funeral dirge and sing it to the King of Tyre. Say to him thus says the Lord God, you were the seal of perfection, full of wisdom and perfect and beauty. You were in Eden, the garden of God,"... and it goes on and on and on. Now, when we look at this scripture, we have to understand that there's two prophecies here. First of all, it's a prophecy to the King of Tyre. Second of all, it's a prophecy to the entity behind the King of Tyre. Batsirai, I just found out this morning that Tyre was a very wealthy place on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea and it became a quite big commerce. The grandfather or the ancestor of the King of Tyre, was a priest who caused everybody to worship the goddess Astarte. I don't think I'm pronouncing it right. And from his family came Jezebel, the one that Satan used to deceive Israel into idolatry and human sacrifices where they offered their children. So we know that behind this are demons and evil powers. He is telling Ezekiel prophesy in song to the King of Tyre. But we also know he's singing to the spirit power Satan behind him. Why? Because Remember when Jesus said to Peter, Get behind me, Satan and he's looking a Peter? But he's also speaking to the power behind Peter that influenced Peter to say those dark words that came from Satan's mouth. And so this is the same kind of a situation here. Batsirai, This is a deep subject. There's all kinds of nuances to this music angel, Do you have any comments or reflections on what I just said here?

Batsirai Chada:   4:40
I mean, not much to add, you know, it's a warning to us to as worship leaders as not just worship leaders, but any kind of leader I would say. Even pop stars are worship leaders worship, of what is a whole other thing, of themselves. Anybody gets up, who says, I'm gonna get up in front of people and point them in the direction isn't a spiritual leader of some sort and could be taking people in a good direction or not. We're not aware of what has happened to people in our office before us...right... And the downfalls that can happen. The minefield that we're in then we can make those same mistakes

LaMar Boschman:   5:17
So, there could be a spiritual entity behind  any leader or musical entity that stands up in front of people,

Batsirai Chada:   5:26
Whether to the King of Tyre, or to ourselves, as Individuals, as the king, as you get up to stand up in front of people, don't think that you were your beauty and your all the worship, or all the attention that is given to you is because of you, right? Right? Reason for us, even the worship leader. You get offstage and someone says, "I really loved your worship today," and like that should almost sadden us a little bit. 

LaMar Boschman:   5:50
Did anybody see Jesus?

Batsirai Chada:   5:51
Exactly. Because if they did, would they be talking about me. Need to be aware of the warning to the King of Tyre and to Satan. We are operating in a very similar office, and we need to be....  We wanna make sure we don't make same mistakes,

LaMar Boschman:   6:06
Right? The King of Tyre was very prideful. We're going to get into this in the next two or three sessions because there was an evolution, a metamorphosis to how he became dark. This music maker, But I want to focus on what that Scripture said. It said you were perfect in all your ways. Your beauty and your wisdom is perfect. The Bible says so that tells me that he was flawlessly beautiful, perhaps flawlessly musical, because it says he was perfect in all of his ways. He wasn't just perfect. He was the symbol of perfection. The seal of perfection. Scholars say there's no human that could be like that. So there is a spiritual entity behind him. And then he says, the next verse you were in Eden, the garden of God. Well, the King of Tyre wasn't in Eden. Now I need to say here to those who you're listening there's a lot of controversy over whether this Scripture, and Isaiah 14, refers to Lucifer at all. But when you miss the dual prophecy that happens, you miss the whole context of where we're coming from. So because of this principle in Scripture where prophecy and addressing a human also addressed the spirit behind them is legitimate and came from Jesus. He's our example that we can apply it to this principle because there's some discrepancies here that do not apply to the king of Tyre. Even scholars theologians differ on this subject, but we're gonna talk about Lucifer now. It says here Lucifer means a radiant or shining one that morning star, the bright one and people say, Well, that could be Jesus. He was a bright morning star. So this dawning star this shining star and Lucifer was extremely brilliant and radiant. It says he had stones built into him. He was the seal of perfection, a trophy of perfection, perfect and wisdom and extremely intelligent. If he became Satan, you can see where his smartness and his ploys and stratagems came in to play. Because of his brilliance. So here's the most handsome of all God's creatures, completely stunning, flawless and symmetry. This gorgeous, highly attractive entity was dazzling with splendor, and it says there that every precious stone was his covering. And then it says that he had the ability to make music, and we're gonna talk about that in a future session. But this human leader, who rules and sits on the throne of Tyre, also resembles the pride of something behind him. So he was perfection personified. That's our topic today. The perfectness of Lucifer. Can you imagine what his music was like? It reminds me of so many rock stars and pop stars who go to such great lengths to be flawless and elegant and perfect in beauty and models who lets photoshop this. So I get it nice and smooth and look good and make sure the background color matches my skin colors and and and it's all about being beautiful. And Lucifer, this music angel was created, flawlessly brilliant. Why did God do that? Do you think? Why did He make this supreme, superb, flawless, stunning creature? And we're gonna talk about where he was appointed to. But right now we're talking about his perfections.

Batsirai Chada:   9:46
Yeah, it's interesting because I'm obviously this is pre-fall. There's nothing unrighteous at this moment, so everything if we judge it by that is everything is perfect. All the other angels are perfect meaning was nothing wrong with them, but he had a little extra. What's the extra that God would say you have the seal of perfection, you know? Are the other angels..."oh I'm not quite perfect?" What are the other angels shortcomings? Yeah! Forget the angels. And what about the other Arc Angels? What's Michael shortcoming then?

LaMar Boschman:   10:18
So you started to see this hierarchy, the specialness, this eliteness about Lucifer.  

Batsirai Chada:   10:25
Yeah, Number one. It seems to me like God, it's so much more than that level of perfection that He's not even remotely threatened by it.

LaMar Boschman:   10:33
Yeah, exactly. Because God is perfect and flawless.

Batsirai Chada:   10:36
Yeah, I can create something that is so magnificent and not have any concerns or any sort of insecurities. It talks about the precious stones, etcetera Well! What! Again. What's a precious stone in heaven when gold is a sort of cobblestone? These must have been attributes that even angels looked at with a little bit of, "Ah, that's cool!" Yeah, And again, how do you... if you're looking at the Godhead, how do you even look aside and go, "Oh, but there's another angel on the side there. He's got a little bit extra than that, and I do." But why would that even matter when you're looking at this? Amazing!

LaMar Boschman:   11:13
One thing that's interesting about those stones that you pointed out is that there nine of the twelve stones in the breastplate of the high priest who went into the presence of God, the Holy of Holies. This is an anti-type. That doesn't mean he was a perfect priest, but he had this priestly aspect, this leadership aspect, about him. And he was beautiful, flawless, a light bearer and he was gonna be lifted up. We're going to see a little later in our study, and placed in a very special place. So, something else I want to point out, though, he's considered to be an archangel. Now I know there's difference opinions how many Archangels there are? There's a Raphael, there's other ones, but basically the Scriptures are very clear on Lucifer, Michael and Gabriel. Gabriel was the messenger archangel and Michael was the warring archangel the warrior, the protector in fact. I learned recently that he's officially appointed by God to be the protector of God's people over Israel. He's the one that fights over Israel. And so when the Prince of Persia, there's other great supernatural principality and power, opposed Michael when he was trying to answer Daniel's prayer. There's these conflicts in the Middle East in the supernatural realm of these powers, these princes and Michael is a on Archangel. Then there's this other third party, Lucifer, and I was just thinking. That's why stalled for a minute that there could only be three archangels because the Bible says Lucifer when he fell or Satan, he took 1/3 of the angels, three archangels, divided up three ways. Makes sense. But this one, Archangel, and Archangel, means chief or high ranking. They were responsible and had authority over other angels. In this case, we found out that 1/3 of the angels. So, there's this eliteness, like you pointed out, Batsirai of this special entity. He has a breastplate, and glistens with jewels and is shining, and later on, we find out he's gonna be lifted up and appointed to something special. And he has this whole entourage of 1/3 of heaven celestials following him around doing his commands. I see potential problems ahead. Your chuckling... you could see it too, because you know where this goes, right?

Batsirai Chada:   13:45
Oh, yeah. I was just thinking about the three archangels. Like, is there significance to messenger, war, and music?

LaMar Boschman:   13:55
There you go. Yeah,

Batsirai Chada:   13:56
There's a something to be said for God communicates, God fights on our behalf, and God expresses, or I don't know, like but there are three priorities. Those things. Three things that I need to do. Three things that I need these angels to do.

LaMar Boschman:   14:13
Yea like in His economy in heaven. He's got three perfect, three main categories and that's what ministers, Yeah, this needs to get done in my kingdom. So I'm gonna point you guys over that, you over that, and then music. Woah, again, it looks like it's important in God's economy. Isn't that interesting

Batsirai Chada:   14:31
Wow, very, very interesting. And you would think, Well, maybe if Gabriel's communications wouldn't music sort of sit under that? Isn't music part of warfare. Like, Why couldn't Michael  just sit under his ministry, maybe music that can be used in those other two. But there's something very distinct about worship. Which is... Gabriel is constant flying off to do different things and Michael's sort of waging war in different theaters. Lucifer's job was to have his face turned towards the throne.

LaMar Boschman:   15:03
After all the worship in the music going on in the celestial realm to the Father, maintaining that atmosphere. You know, I'm writing a book, and I don't know when I'll finish it. It's a trilogy about this very aspect that when you said that Michael and Gabriel and then there's Lucifer, how we fight with songs. And so I used in my ...this millennial, spiritual fantasy about Michael. He's fighting with this song swords, these song Spirit Swords and then Gabriel is prophesying and communicating with his songs. And then Lucifer is doing worship with his songs. And so there's something about these songs in the moment that are powerful and potent.

Batsirai Chada:   15:48
That's very interesting, because if you think of were talking before about the songs of heaven, if music is a tool, then there's a worship component which is towards the throne, towards the Godhead and is about Him. But music can also be used in warfare this is how fight our battles...some say. Music can be used as a communication tool and as an evangelistic tool. It can be used to encourage and to prophesy, yeah! the tool of music can be used for a number of different things. But there is a very exclusive aspect, which is worship, and that's a priority.

LaMar Boschman:   16:27
It's a priority, obviously, God in heaven. Powerful! Well we're coming to the end of our time. But the principle we came up with here is that God created Lucifer and gave him a flawless ability to be beautiful, but also to make music. And we're gonna get into that soon in our next session, when we talk about the music of Lucifer. What was it like? And how did he do it etcetera, etcetera? So I'm gonna ask you to ask a friend to join us in this podcast or to consider taking The Music of God online course and to go deep in this, find the scriptures. Don't just take our word for it. We're just... We're just having conversation here. But we're getting this context and this these principles from God's Word and that's the research document for The Music of God Course. So I hope you're enjoying it. We're gonna be posting some of these things and on your favorite social media. So follow us. And you could find the course at And I'll see you in the next session. Thank you. Batsirai. We look forward to seeing you again. See you soon. Bless you guys and tell a friend - the music angel, what's his music like?