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THE MUSIC OF GOD #6 - The Features of Heaven

April 27, 2020 LaMar Boschman Season 1 Episode 6 Podcast - Music | Miracles | Mysteries
THE MUSIC OF GOD #6 - The Features of Heaven
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Author and keynote speaker LaMar Boschman discusses with Batsirai Chada the features and focus of the music in heaven. What are the unique and interesting qualities and elements of heaven's music? It is important to understand the music of heaven because we want that music to be done on earth as it is in heaven.

These topics are in a transformational online course called The Music of God that will help you know how to use music to experience God's presence and power resulting in miracles.

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  1. Music was created for God's pleasure. Music in heaven is for the audience of One.
  2. The highest expression of worshipping God is making music. Our highest pleasure is to sing to Him.
  3. There is no other source of music in heaven There is no secular--no music outside of God
  4. Music in heaven is spiritual... not natural as we know it.
  5. Music in heaven s focused on the throne of God. All creatures there are captured by His glory and resplendence.
  6. The Lamb is the center of heaven's worship music.
  7. There are no soloists in heaven only quartets, ensembles and choirs.
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LaMar Boschman:   0:00
Hey, welcome to the LaMar Boschman podcast. I trust you're enjoying this podcast. The music of God and I'm LaMar Boschman we're exploring the music of God's Kingdom. I've been talking about where music came from. What was its genesis? We talked about the singer's of heaven and the songs of heaven, and in this episode we're gonna cover the features and the focus of heaven's music. Our conversations are on the topics covered in the in depth online course called The Music of God. Available at Welcome to this next session of this podcast The music of God. We're exploring the music and the mysteries of heaven, and we discovered that there's all kinds of singers in heaven that they're all kinds of harp players in heaven. Musicians. We're going to soon get to the point where there'll be a music angel that's in the next episode, so don't miss that one. It's real interesting. But in this episode we want to talk about the features and the focus of the music in heaven, the dynamics, how and to what and who's the audience and how are things. One of the dynamics of the music making in heaven. The Bible says that Jesus created everything that exists. It says in Revelation 4:11 "for you created all things and by your will or pleasure they exist and were created. " He created music. Very interesting. So we're gonna talk about who the music in heaven was for? It's quite obvious, but it brings some interesting dynamics. But first, let's welcome Batsirai Chadah from Oshawa, Ontario. Hey, brother. Okay.

Batsirai Chada:   1:49
Nice to be back. Thank you.

LaMar Boschman:   1:50
Yes. Aren't you enjoying this discussion?

Batsirai Chada:   1:54
A man learning so much even from you.

LaMar Boschman:   1:56
Oh, thank you. But this whole topic, based on revelation and different portions of Scripture that we can find out what the music making is like in the other side.

Batsirai Chada:   2:06
So exciting. I think the glimpses we have of there help us to understand and give us perspective on what we can do here.

LaMar Boschman:   2:14
Yes, I guess because that someone want to bring up that we could talk about later these principles that we learn. May it be done on earth as it is in heaven. Jesus taught us to pray. So that's powerful. So let's look at it. One of the first points I noticed. Heaven's music is just for one audience, one entity. The Trinity Father music, Son composer and Spirit conductor. The trio that God head all music was directed to Him. What does that say to us? 

Batsirai Chada:   2:44
If everything is directed towards him? It's because obviously he's worthy. But it's also like for the good of everything that is created. Their highest expression of themselves or the highest point of joy for themselves is in giving worth to the One who's worthy. Yes, it's not just here we are serving, you know, playing our harps, rather be doing something else. And God's having a good concert. No, actually, as I play this harp, I am fulfilled like none other. Like, I am completely satisfied. I love what John Piper says God is most glorified by us when we're most satisfied by Him.

LaMar Boschman:   3:28
That's great. That tells us something that if we were innately abled to be creative and make this musical reflection back to Him in all creatures, celestial in perhaps terrestrial that not only just God value music, but that it is our total fulfillment and our ultimate purpose. Yes, to sing and praise and worship to Him. That's another way of saying what you just said. So I believe that music was created for the praise and worship of God. This tells us right now in our in our journey of the genesis of music, where came from where it started that at this point there's no secular music. Yeah, there's no source outside of God or His creation heaven His worship creatures for any other sound. Man is not on the scene. The devil is not on the scene. There's no other source of music for any other purpose

Batsirai Chada:   4:29
God is so all consuming that even our emotions, our thoughts are preoccupations are so attached to Him that there's nothing else to make music about on Earth. Here's a great flowering and write a song about a flower. Oh, my heart was broken. I'm gonna write about that right? But when we see clearly, he is so magnificent and so all consuming that our whole selves are wrapped up in him and seeing you parts of him right, that that becomes overwhelming inspiration

LaMar Boschman:   5:02
and there's no spaces or places or desires to do anything else. There's no capacity because we're so consumed by Him.

Batsirai Chada:   5:10
Exactly. So it's not a I don't like secular music So much as it is, I am so all consuming that if music is an expression of who you are, when you open up your mouth, your highest expression is going to be to Me.

LaMar Boschman:   5:25
Well, another thing that I think about is that if music began in the celestial realm and it's for the purpose by spiritually creatures to worship the Holy Spirit, God, the father, God, the Son and so music in heaven is supernatural. It has a spiritually quality and a purpose and a power that so transcendent we can't comprehend it. Part of my prayer is Lord may it be done in this earthen vessel as it is in heaven that I could be a kingdom musician and play with that purpose of focus of power and sing as well

Batsirai Chada:   6:03
If we saw millions of millions of beings singing and playing with such unity and focus. If there was a millisecond where we were somehow distracted from the Lord to, that they would instantly point our eyes back. Excellent, Yes, in the same way. And I think here on Earth that when we get kingdom music right, it instantly forces our eyes back. It makes everybody Christian, non Christian, doesn't matter. You are playing with such a focus about some subjects so wonderful that the music now forces our eyes back. if were  looking at a stadium, and everyone's cheering with top of their lungs. If we couldn't see the stage, we'd be itching to say, What are they cheering about? What are they singing about? And we want to look at that object.

LaMar Boschman:   6:48
That's good. I like that. And that's the focus of the music in heaven that I noticed as I studied the angels, the four living creatures, 24 elders. They're all focused on the throne now. It doesn't say just on, God it says on the throne, because the throne is a seat of power authority. It's the seat of judgement. It's a seat of complete sovereignty. So the music making is focused on the throne. So that tells us that the kingdom entity, it's about a king. It's about authority. It's about power. It's not a democracy, not a committee. It's not a group of musicians say, Let's let's get together and play and what you want to play, I don't know, but it's all for the throne of God. I love what the Scripture says in front of the throne was a shiny sea... This is the new living Translation revelation 4:6 sparkling like crystal. And in the center on the round the throne were four living creatures in the center. And we find that with all the other players and singers, they're all focused on the throne. Batsirai What does that tell us if all the music makers are focused on the throne.

Batsirai Chada:   7:56
US creatives we were always looking for inspiration for something to sing about, right about squirrel. You know, it's right about squirrel. Um, if their attention is captured for eternity, that the thing that captures their attention can capture creative minds such that we don't get tired of it all is for His glory. All is for His purposes. All is for His worth. And it's so confounding to us that we spend eternity singing about one thing. Yeah, He is that worthy.

LaMar Boschman:   8:29
Yeah, he's that transcendent. Is that ominous and numinous part of God we can't comprehend. And that's gonna make our music making so powerful and potent when we get to the other side. When you're talking. I was thinking about how all things were created for His pleasure and for His purpose. So we could say that music was created for His pleasure. So music's created for God's pleasure, His enjoyment. Not for us, not for the angels, for His pleasure, for His enjoyment, as we reflect back to Him his attributes and divine character. And that's one thing we see in the Songs of Heaven. They talk about His attributes and character. Yeah, Kingdom songs.

Batsirai Chada:   9:12
Even though it wasn't created for our pleasure, our highest pleasure is in doing that

LaMar Boschman:   9:18
exactly because He's so good and generous to wanting us to get in on his enjoyment, just like the God head enjoys their fellowship about themselves. So does God enjoy communion with us? So we get pleasure as well out of this music, making its good man good stuff. There's another focus in heaven I noticed, and that is this lamb. He's been butchered, he's been, slaughter, has been assassinated, he's been crucified, and he's standing there in the center of heaven's music making. And He's all bloodied and often times when this is depicted in our art and our dramas, we have this idea of a clean, cutesy little stuff, baby Beanie Lamb. We get so romantic in that notion of what He's like. But what's interesting about this is the Lamb appeared to be slain, and so He bears the stripes, and he bears the crucifixion of a lamb that was offered as a Passover lamb. But it says here He's standing very much alive, indicating He is victorious and all the music making is centered on this lamb course, which is Jesus that's so important to keep Jesus central in all of our music, making in our worship and not get so focused on us. Would you agree?

Batsirai Chada:   10:41
I would a 100% agree. It is the highest form of that. I do love the humanity of Jesus, though. To this is a king who became a man, a lion who became a lamb. There's a serious right now called the Chosen, which is amazing of picture of Jesus, and he enjoyed life. So I think there's something to the Lord say in terms of worship. Focus it on me on my attributes. That's the highest song you could see. This is what you can do on Earth that will still continue to be true of you in heaven. That's amazing. Having said that, I don't think He's against us singing about maybe the things that were going through. We see that in the psalms or whatever. I'm the king of became a man. And so I am familiar with your humanness. And I have I am now human in heaven at the man Christ Jesus, the crucified one. That's the highest song and is the highest on we can sing here.

LaMar Boschman:   11:36
Yes. So when we're talking about the music of heaven, we're looking at what's going on there and the dynamics. Now when we get to the music that's happening on Earth in this study were gonna also find out that very thing you pointed out that there's other realms of possibility of making music as a kingdom musician,.I have a couple of thoughts when I ask you, and I'm gonna name a few things Ah, that I've discovered about music in heaven. Jump in any time and comment on anything that strikes. You conspired from just recapping what we've talked about the music. A heaven is that it predates mankind and outlast the earth. And so music is older than the Earth. Music begins with God. We found out in this session He's created a first pleasure. Music is played in heaven before the earth came on the scene, and another thing I noticed in heaven, there's no soloists. There's only quartets, ensembles and huge guitar choirs. How does that strike? You know, soloist? 

Batsirai Chada:   12:38
Yeah, that's that's a very, very interesting I've never thought of that. We don't know what things were like with Lucifer. Was he just a conductor or, you know, right? Director?

LaMar Boschman:   12:50
That doesn't mean solos don't have a role, but it's interesting to note that when we gather in heaven, it's a group effort. It's and that's one thing I think we're missing in our contemporary worship here. It's so individualistic. A lot of our songs come from the Western world, from England, Australia, here in the United States and Canada. A lot of it's focused about us. We have a Western paradigm. But the ancient mystery of the corporate gathering was all of God's people would gather together and sing as the bride to a bride groom as the subjects to the king and honor Him. And that's more accurate, like heaven than some of the things that we do now we call worship. So it's up to think about. We can get into that sometime we get into the worship,

Batsirai Chada:   13:38
There is one bride, and we're all part of that.  Our collective voices make up the voice of the bride.

LaMar Boschman:   13:45
Yes, yes, all races, tribes, people in tongues exactly young and old.

Batsirai Chada:   13:51
So it's that one collective sound that he's so yearns for. So it's not. Obviously, God cares about the individual, but there's just something about the collective. You see it during the Olympics, ordering like big national sports scene things. And they're things World Cup, soccer, whatever Iceland had to cheer. Even thought they were a small island. They had this really passionate cheer that would impress the world. It's something about the collective doing it now. If just one Icelander was sort of cheering at the front is like, OK, you know, he's passionate, but when they did it together Oh, it's just something powerful about

LaMar Boschman:   14:25
yeah, and it's throughout Scripture, Jesus says. Don't forsake your gathering together. It's been in Jewish history. It's been in the Hebrew history, the corporate gathering of God's people and honoring Him. When God's people gathered together. There's a supernatural manifestation that happens in that Jesus joins us in the middle and sings to the Father (Hebrews. 12). So there's something God likes about the group, His bride, His people, His tribe, His kingdom coming together all His celestials. And there's something diabolical. And I'm just going to throw this out there because darkness is lurking in our study here of music, about being a soloist, a rock star; bring attention to ourselves.

Batsirai Chada:   15:16
If there's a soloist in heaven, it will be Jesus. Yes, Singing to the father. Yeah, speaking, You know, like I I'm reminded of my time. I grew up in Zimbabwe, in the southern part of Africa, and when we lead worship, it wasn't so much like we have here. You would start the song and the room would take over. Yeah, yeah, it's like you're just keeping the ball in play. They weren't listening to you so much as maybe where should we go next or what? What's the next song or whatever? Let's pick a casual song here. Here I am to worship wouldn't be one guy up there going Light of the world no it would be here. I am where, uh, the whole room takes over. Yeah, and that worship leader could actually stop singing and the room would keep going.

LaMar Boschman:   16:01
It will do. Anything he

Batsirai Chada:   16:02
would have to do is introduce the next part.

LaMar Boschman:   16:03
And that's an example of the center of worship being among the people. The people are caring that happened to me, I think in Montreal or somewhere in Ontario or Quebec. And we were singing. The worship team was leading. And all of sudden there was such a roar in crescendo from the people that we had no role to play anymore. We had already given them them their pitch and their rhythm. But the center of worship shifted from the platform to the people, and it was overwhelming happening Athens, Greece, too  and we just had to kneel down and weep because God was in the midst of us. Because of that group corporate experience heaven on earth.  

Batsirai Chada:   16:41
We certainly lost sight of that. And maybe in a restaurant thing, you know, like, Oh, well, not everybody is a good singer, etcetera, etcetera. So we try to help them hum along. But I think when we place Jesus at the center of our focus, that even if you think you can't sing. If you see Jesus, you will respond in worship with all of your heart. All of your mind? Yes, it's all your voice. And if you do that in the safety and the collective of a family of a group of a gathering, everyone explodes. There's nothing more powerful and and the worship team and worship leaders their role is to get the congregation, the gathering, a small group to that place,

LaMar Boschman:   17:20
Right? Right, Well, that's very good. That's right. Thank you so much for your contribution. And we're having a very emotional and exciting dialogue here about the music in heaven. And so I want you to listen to the next podcast because we're going to talk about the music angel. And I'm excited about this topic. So thank you, brother, for contribution. This is from the course, The Music of God That's online, that you could take it. It's 20 sessions about five minute videos with a quiz that goes with it, and you could teach it to your team and teach it to your people so that we could be kingdom musicians, and we all want to heed the call to be the King's music makers. So we'll see you in the next session of this podcast.