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THE MUSIC OF GOD #1 - The Genesis of Music

April 18, 2020 LaMar Boschman Season 1 Episode 1 Podcast - Music | Miracles | Mysteries
THE MUSIC OF GOD #1 - The Genesis of Music
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Where did music begin? How did music come into being? What is the genesis of music?  In this first episode of this exciting series, author and keynote speaker, LaMar Boschman and Batsirai Chada discuss how music began and what that means to us.

These topics are in a transformational online course called The Music of God that will help you know how to use music to experience God's presence and power resulting in miracles.

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  1. The difference between kingdom musician and Christian musician. Learn how to minister in the power and authority of the King
  2. God gave angels the ability to sing prior to the creation of the earth. Therefore music predates the earth because angels sang at the creation of the earth.
  3. Where did music start? Was music with the Three Persons of the Trinity? How did they communicate to each other? Is there much difference between singing and speaking?
  4. Did God sing the creation into existence? Why did He give creation the ability to sing?
  5. Before man existed music existed therefore music began with God in heaven
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LaMar Boschman:   0:00
Welcome to the LaMar Boschman podcast. I'm LaMar Boschman. This series is called The Music of God I want to share with you insights to my life study of music of God's Kingdom. In this episode, we're going to discuss the genesis of music and we'll answer the question. Where did music come from and how did it come into existence? And you'll be surprised how old music really is. 

LaMar Boschman:   0:34
Welcome to this podcast, the Music of God and I'm LaMar Boschman, and I'm so excited about this subject. It's been my life's study. I love looking up the scriptures about music in the Bible. And it just it just thrills me some branching out and doing this podcast on the subject of music and God's Kingdom. God has a lot to say about music, and it's very important that we get His perspective on this. I will use the term kingdom musician often because, uh, it's not a democracy that we live in in the Christian world, you have a king and a kingdom, and we're going to make music on His level. At His pleasure, we play at His pleasure. We play music at His pleasure. What He commissions He authorizes us to play. That's where the power is. So I'm gonna use that term a lot. It's different than just a Christian who plays music. It's different than a Christian that performs. He plays what he wants when he wants how he wants it. But a kingdom musician plays with the King, wants the way He wants to do it. So I'm really excited about this. And I invited a friend from Canada. His name, Batsirai Chada. He's up in Oshawa. Are you there, brother?

Batsirai Chada:   1:48
I am. Hey, thank you very much.

LaMar Boschman:   1:50
Okay, glad your here. This is gonna be a great time, cause I know you love music. Your musician yourself, aren't you?

Batsirai Chada:   1:57
I am a worship leader and musician and have loved music for a long time. Yeah. Really excited to talk to us. Talk about the subject.

LaMar Boschman:   2:04
What instrument do you play?

Batsirai Chada:   2:06
I play the piano, I have one here. Um, and I sing and started with singing. And then I kind of learned piano just as a way of accompanying myself and writing songs, et cetera, but I could hold my own.

LaMar Boschman:   2:18
Good. Well, I'm glad you could join me on this subject because I know you like to think critically. You like to think theologically. You like to think culturally and you have an interesting perspective. So one of the principles that I want to share here is that this is not just for Christian musicians. This is for any Christian who loves music and wants to use it as a power instrument, so to speak, or a power principle in seeing miracles, signs and wonders. And the things that you're gonna find in the Bible concerning music and how it's connected with the spirit of God and the miraculous in the presence of God. And that's kind of overriding thing that will find here. So this is for everyone to empower your ministry. If your musician. Oh, you'll learn. But hopefully how to play and minister and singing in the power of God with the authority of God and see miracles in your music ministry. That sound good?  Oh, that's right. Yes, that's what we want is what the world means.  Yeah, but the world needs now. No, it's miracle signs of wonders. So we're gonna look at the topic today of the genesis of music.  Where did music start? Where did it come from? Was it a cave man tapping on a rock or did he start drumming or a guy blown across a piece of wood and he had a sound and he said, I let's make music. Is that where it happened? I don't think so. Because we find in the Bible that music predates the earth. Do remember that? Yeah. I mean, so many scriptures of beings singing like the hosts of heaven who are singing. We often think of angels of singing even when they appear here on earth.  At the incarnation announcing Jesus birthday was a choir. So the theme of music certainly is a something that is very natural to heaven and to the realm of God. And, um, of course, here on earth, we get to benefit from that. I think music's predates earth started with God.

LaMar Boschman:   5:45
Yeah, because the angels obviously had the ability to sing if they came singing at the coming of Christ as a baby. But there's also that scripture in Job that says, uh and I love how God says, "If you have understanding, tell me if you're so smart. Who created and how was it created when the morning stars saying together as I laid the foundations of the earth." Okay, so that tells us that angels sang when God was creating the earth. So music predate the earth. Earth. So music predates the Earth,

Batsirai Chada:   5:45
I think if God is a communicating God, the principle of love If God is love, God is in relationship, even with himself in the Trinity. And if you're in a relationship, you're communicating. And if you're communicating, you are expressing and how are you expressing? And, of course, there's speech. There's physical movement, you know, body language. But one of the primary ways even that humans communicate and express is with music.

LaMar Boschman:   5:45
When when we look back at what it was like when God said, let there be a good dry ground and separate the waters from the ground and then just what

Batsirai Chada:   5:55
Holy and they say, whatever they say. But it was glorious,

LaMar Boschman:   6:01
So it causes me to speculate that perhaps when God created the angels, these newborns just instinctively perhaps sang out to their creator and in honor and worship and praise of him. And it wasn't a moment in their life.  Say I'm gonna be I'm gonna graduate, you guys, and I'm gonna give you a gift. I want to give a gift. The music. What do you think about that?

LaMar Boschman:   6:19

Batsirai Chada:   6:23
I wonder if singing in heaven, um is really distinct from speaking. Yeah, or if it is currently it's more of just I communicate. And I used the full spectrum of of that's available to me as a angel. As the Lord himself speaking within the Trinity, we used the full spectrum of our communication, um, abilities, tools, and that would be melody. And that would be harmony. And that would be so. It's not even so much angels. Think thinking. I'm gonna sing this right now because that's better. It's more like the only thing I can do is express. And the best way I can express is with music.

LaMar Boschman:   7:07
Very good. In fact, the interchange I think what you're saying between speaking and singing is not as defined as in our culture and as humans. Because thinking back of indigenous peoples, God created them with an ability to sing, and they don't say things like when they gather around the fire and the elder start chanting a song telling of their history. They don't say, Oh, I'm not a singer, you know, there's not that art form. It's just instinctive that well, I have choices here, how to communicate, Like you said emotionally, How do I say what? How do I say what I'm feeling? And sometimes you just take it up and right now I'm singing. And now I'm talking. And now I'm singing and there's such a fine line there.

Batsirai Chada:   7:48
I think I mean melody or use music, especially when we sing. It does carry more of a communication. It's like a bigger pipeline. Then just speaking, you know, for instance, I can say, Lord, um, I pour my love on you Or I could go a poor my love on you Yeah, and it means something totally different. And it carries so much more the words of the same. But I communicated a little bit more. Uh, and I think that  it's like bad broadband Internet, five g internet compared to a dialup.

LaMar Boschman:   8:28
Yeah. You got mail that's really good. Well, let's go back to the genesis of of music where it started from. How did it start? Um, what could we say? That music was with God. But could music have originated with God before he created the angels?

Batsirai Chada:   8:47
I'm intrigued by the topic of what does God say to God? What does the first person of the Trinity and the second person? Third person? What do they say to each other? How do they communicate? And it wouldn't surprise me at all if in their communication there was melody and harmony and not in a performance kind of way is just that if I'm going to speak, it's going to be with every frequency, and it's gonna communicate everything in my heart and like we just said, its simplified there. I think music, melody has that way of delivering more than just a spoken word.

LaMar Boschman:   9:25
So when you think of God's sound, his voice, what's his voice like? The Bible talks about it many times. Well, it doesn't say. Yeah, he doesn't say his voice is like a great orator, and he's got such a radio voice. It's just glorious. John describes it as all frequencies. He described it as white noise or the sound of many waters.

Batsirai Chada:   9:46
Yes, yes, yeah, I love and that He's singing. It's almost like I'm singing in every key, every tone, every semitone, every tone, all at the same time because everything that I want to communicate is encoded in every one of those frequencies. And so I have so much to say that it takes the whole band with the whole spectrum of frequencies to communicate that and that is singing at his music that is, Yeah,that has  That has pulse. It has power. And if he speaks, the Bible says the the mountains shake and the deer give birth, so he's not saying  Well, ladies and gentlemen, he's speaking the British English or the Canadian English, eh? He's or anything else he's. There's this power. There's all these frequencies, these vibrations of pulsations that come and so that is so that's much more like singing than speaking.

Batsirai Chada:   10:26

LaMar Boschman:   10:28

Batsirai Chada:   10:45
I think it's Bill Johnson or something. You said something like, You know, this is some people you know when they get up and sing in front of a crowd in front of a church, you know, afterwards will say Oh, you know, people compliment them and say, Oh, it wasn't me. It was the Lord. And you say, Okay, um, it was you and it was good and the Lord works through you. But if the Lord was singing, um, planets and galaxies are formed. Let's not water this down. There is tremendous power in His, and I say, spoken word meaning there is vibrations coming from Him when He is speaking and when we say speaking in the context of even this discussion we're sitting that speaking has melody that speaking as frequencies

LaMar Boschman:   11:33
much more than linear melody that we have today. It could be quantum melodies. It could be going forward and backwards and up and down because he's an eternity. And He's pulsating with vibrations and sounds and He has the dumb it way down so that our little earth ears can hear it.

Batsirai Chada:   11:52
I love the fact Is there is mystery to this and I don't even think you even in this discussion, we're not trying to define how God speaks. But we're imagining Lord, their eyes up to what You might be doing, obviously correct us if we're wrong. But I really feel like there's so much more into the realm of heaven that were even able to comprehend or even hear. Whales communicate in sub tones that were not even able to decipher and dolphins. And you know that. So we're discovering this stuff by virtue of technology. How much more if those created beings, you know, whales and stuff for communicating What more to the Lord, whose communicating in frequencies in ways that we have no concept of.

LaMar Boschman:   12:36
that's really good? I think that there's such a powerful impartation when He sings and when He speaks. I actually think that He sang the earth into existence because He didn't use our voice. Remember when we read the Bible? We often interpret it through our experience through our culture, and that's not what was intended. So we have to look at the context of what's going on here and what He's like, And so when He said Let there be earth, Hey, He didn't say it like that, He said, Ah, and there was all these frequencies and these vibrations and so powerful and so potent that when earthlings hear about it, they have to use the language of comparison and said, Well, his voice was, I like the sound of many waters like loud thunder.

Batsirai Chada:   13:23
And even as you said that I just... I've always struggled with, you know, sometimes the Genesis description of let there be sea let there be land and let there be trees, let there be animals that I'm like, Well, when you have to say each one, you know, let there be a lion, let there be a tiger, Let there be a thing. And then, of course, is thousands upon thousands millions upon millions of species. Like well, that that must have taken a while. But if all these, if He's communicating everything at once in every frequency,  there's a frequency for lions there's a frequency for a tiger. So I say, Let there be and all of a sudden all these things are created instantaneously because it's like many things coming through it once, you know, just like the Internet. It's not just a single solo stream of data, but there's many streams going through all of the same that same pipeline, so that you see an image

LaMar Boschman:   14:18
So you're saying that all these, uh, these pulsations, are frequencies for every creature, every species and when He speaks let there be living creatures?

Batsirai Chada:   14:30
I don't know exactly. That's why he can say, Let there be, uh, animals. Let's say, for instance, and maybe He doesn't have to go one by one and say let there be a tiger. Let her have a tail that have this. Let her have that. Let this leopard have spots. He's not doing any of that. He just saying let there be. I create let there be um, animals. And in the multiple frequencies that are being sent out in that one spoken command that one sung command is all this variety, this whole spectrum of animals and creation and plants and molecules And oh, atoms and just planets and quasars and black holes and galaxies. And and it didn't go on and on and on it doesn't. And He's like, I didn't have to do it one by one, you know, And that's what the beauty of harmony is that, uh, or the beauty of music is that it communicates many things all at the same time and we receive it. And when we hear a particular melody, we could feel sad, we can feel happy. It creates things even within us. And it's not just a single note, but a note with other notes creates an impression. Create something right?

LaMar Boschman:   15:51
Because with music, there's tones, There's overtones, harmonics. There's multiple pulsations of vibrations, and frequencies. And so, getting back to your idea that imagining God just rather than that one pitch.

Batsirai Chada:   16:05

LaMar Boschman:   16:06
Okay, that's for Lions. He's got all this quantum sound that comes out and wow, there's the earth and it's populated with occupants. Exactly many,

Batsirai Chada:   16:18
I imagine. I'm just I thought of that just as you were speaking, I think. Good. That's maybe why,  if he was going one by one, our Bible would be a genesis one with a lot longer if they gave us all the details.

LaMar Boschman:   16:31
So can we say that music began with God? Because if angels sang before the earth was created, music did not start with man. Correct? Okay, so music began with God. So God is the creator, and we're gonna base our whole study this podcast on what the Bible says, What the Creator says, because we believe the Bible to be true. So it's our text. That's our research book. And so we're gonna look at it and see what the Bible says about music. So we got the conclusion based on Job's account, and that morning stars sang together and the sons of God, meaning the angels of God, shouted for joy when God created the earth and that tells us that music was with God predates the Earth. And so the genesis of music has to be up there with Him somewhere before us. And that's exciting will come into the end of our time together here, these are short podcasts to inspire and and activate our imagination and inspire us to seek, a higher level of music making in God's kingdom in God's economy because we just determined and based on the scripture, that music begins with God. So in His economy in His kingdom, music is very much a part, and we have yet to discover the realm and the ramification of all that. But God has recorded in the Bible, His thoughts and His preferences concerning music. And that is how we're gonna look at this study as we go forward, and we're not just gonna only imagine, uh I can only imagine what it would be like when God created the heavens and the earth. Well, there's been exciting Batsirai. And I thank you for joining us from Oshawa, Canada, and I'm looking forward to our next discussion. We're gonna be talking about the melodies, the language of heaven. And what is Melody - The language of heaven?  We kind of touched on a little bit, but we want to go deeper and see. Is it possible that there's all kinds of sources of melody besides God besides these angels? So we look forward to that. By the way, this podcast is part of a course called The Music of God. It's an online course that you can get the full details of everything we're talking about and take the study yourself at It's called The Music of God. Well, hey, I enjoyed being with you Batsirai. I thank you for your contribution.

Batsirai Chada:   19:12
I'm learning from you, and I've always been learning from you. Thank you so much for inviting me. And I hope that it's gonna be more so. He advise watching be a student with me. LaMar you have so much to teach us and pour out. The Lord's showed up so many things.

LaMar Boschman:   19:27
Well, it's wonderful, and you're very inspired and catalytic thinker. And I love bouncing these creative ideas off of you. Okay, well, we'll see it in the next episode of this podcast. And make sure you check out the music of God. Ah, course online at We'll see you next time.